Sunday, June 24, 2018
A Dad’s Musings

The First 3 Months Go By The Quickest

One thing you’ll learn as a rookie dad is just how fleeting moments can be with your first child. Prior to Gab being born, I had heard horror stories of mothers lasting several days in labor before their child was finally born. Imagine our surprise when it only took my wife four pushes!

First Contact with Mommy

After taking care of my fair share of puppies that didn’t open their eyes until a week or two after birth, I was surprised that Gab could open his so soon after birth. Not that he could see that well or anything, but it was a touching moment for me that he was looking back at me through eyes that were opening for the very first time.

Gab Opens his Eyes for the First Time

Gab would open his eyes a few more times, but mostly, he seemed content to sleep or just keep them closed.

This was Gab’s first night. Thankfully, he let everyone sleep, waking up only once to be fed.

Gab's First Night

Of course, it didn’t take long for grandma and grandpa to sneak in and take over, dressing him up in clothes we had bought for him.

Baby Gab Gets Dressed Up

Now he’s back with mommy and pretty happy!

Happy and Back with Mommy!

Grandma’s turn for some private time with Gab.

Grandma Observing Her New Grandson!

Later that morning, Gab got his first bath. Here he is being dried off. He’s so tiny!

DSC_0663 copy

Gab didn’t make much of a fuss when he got home. When he put him in his crib, he went straight to sleep.

Gab's Sleeps in His Crib for the First Time

Gab was pretty tiny as a newborn. Couldn’t resist kissing him on the forehead every now and then.

Dad Kisses Gab While He Sleeps

As much as his mom breastfed and carried him, I made sure to carry Gab as much as possible when we were out. Here we are at The Medical City for his first checkup after being born.


Gab seemed to dream a lot, as I’m told most babies do. Here he is smiling in his sleep.

Baby Gab Smiles in His Sleep

Gab was pretty chill when he first started riding in his car seat. It was often a good way to get him to sleep.

Gab's First Ride in His Car Seat

He didn’t like being left alone in it for long though.

I’m not sure if he enjoyed his first toy, which was a play mat. He seemed captivated by it at first.

Gab's First Toy

Then he lost interest.

Gab Loses Interest

There was no doubt he was a happy baby, though. He started becoming eager to smile going into his 3rd month.

Happy Baby

Alas, he had to go stay with his lola while the wife went back to work. It was a hard decision, but spending a few months apart so we could save up a bit before slowly transitioning into a single income household. Gab was pretty chill on his first flight, crying only once to let us know he was hungry.

Gab's First Flight

Before me and the wife went back home, we made sure to spend a lot of time with baby Gab.

Me and Gab at the In Laws

To be honest, we had planned quite well for Gab’s conception and arrival. Still, nothing can prepare you for that moment you become parents. Three months breezed by and it still seemed like I was out of my element of times. It got better of course, but soon we had to let Gab stay with his lolo and lola for a while. We still make sure to visit regularly of course and we hope to have him back in the coming months.



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