Sunday, April 22, 2018
A Dad’s Musings

From a Soon to be Dad

The prospect of becoming a dad in a couple of months is scary AF. I’ve always been a clumsy fellow and I’m deathly afraid of holding my baby boy in my arms, let alone of the responsibilities of raising and taking care of that child. I desperately want to be the best dad I can be for that child, but I also have doubts if I can.

Thanks to my wife though, we’re in as good a place as any to start the next chapter of lives together: starting a family.  She’s been my inspiration, my soul mate and my best friend. I’m happy when she’s happy. When she’s sad, I’m sad. When she’s angry, I take cover until the storm blows over like any good husband should, lol.

I dedicate this blog to my wife, Dominique. Before I met her, I was timid about experiencing life, content to drift through it without aim or purpose. Because of her, I have experienced many things I probably wouldn’t have experienced on my own, and my life is fuller and richer after having met her.

It’s only fitting that the first post of A Dad’s Musings be on our second anniversary together as husband wife. Pretty soon, it’s going to be mommy and daddy, and I couldn’t think of anywhere else I want to be except with her.

Happy Anniversary, Dominique. I love you!

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